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passed that, it was as certainly responded to. He was as reticent about such acts of kindness as he was about the pleasures of his secret garden, or the steady increase in his annual receipts from his stores. But all three gave him considerable satisfaction, and the luxury of giving was to him no whit inferior to that of getting. Charles P

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ropert, who presently arrived from the kitchen-passage in charge of the boy in buttons, was one of those who well knew his employer’s generosity, for Keeling in a blunt and shamefaced way had borne all the expense of a long illness which had incapacitated him the previous winter, not only continuing to pay him his salary as head of the book department at the stores during the weeks in which he was invalided, but taking{40} on himself all the charges for med

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ical treatment and sea-side convalescence. He was an exceedingly well-educated man of two or three-and-thirty, and Keeling was far more at ease with him than with any other of his acquaintances, because he frankly enjoyed his society. He could have imagined himself sitting up till midnight talking to young Propert, because he had admitted him into the secret garden: Propert might indeed be described as

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the head gardener. Keeling nodded as the young man entered, and from under his big eyebrows observed that he was dressed entirely in black. ‘Good-afternoon, Propert,’ he said. ‘I got that edition of the Morte d’Arthur you told me of. But they made me pay for it.’ ‘The Singleton Press edition, sir?’ asked Propert. ‘Yes; sit down and have a look at it. It’s a fine page, you know.’ ‘Yes, sir, and if you’ll excuse me, I really think you g

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    ot it rather cheap.’ ‘H’m! I wonder if you’d have thought that if you had

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    been the purchaser.’ Propert laughed. ‘I think so. As you said to me th

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    e other day, sir, good work is always cheap in comparison with bad work.’ Ke

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    eling bent over the book, and with his eyes on the page, just touched the arm of

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    Propert’s black coat.{41} ‘No trouble, I hope?’ he said. ‘Yes, sir. I

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